Canada to South America 2up on a KTM Adventure 990

4th April 2015 – Due to cold weather we have decided not to try to reach the tip of South America in June/July. Instead we will travel west through Bolovia to Argentina.

We are Franziska and Neil and this is our journey. We plan to travel across Canada from east to west then turn south after reaching the west coast and head for South America. All of this will be done over land on a motorbike except for a bit in the middle between Panama and Columbia where there are apparently no roads but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. We’ve drawn up a rough route as you can see below but nothing is set in stone, the plan is to just take it as it comes.


A rough idea of the route Click to enlarge

    • Nova Scotia Nova Scotia
    • Québec Quebéc
    • Ontario Ontario
    • Manitoba Manitoba
    • Saskatchewan Saskatchewan
    • Alberta Alberta
    • British Columbia British Columbia
    • Washington Washington
    • Oregon Oregon
    • Kalifornien California
    • Arizona Arizona
    • New Mexico New Mexico
    • Texas  Texas
    • Mexico
    • Guatemala Guatemala
    • Honduras Honduras
    • Nicaragua Nicaragua
    • Costa Rica Costa Rica
    • Panama  Panama
    • Kolumbien Colombia
    • Ecuador Ecuador
    • Peru Peru
    • Bolivien Bolivia
    • Chile Chile
    • Argentinien Argentina

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