Prius Ventura

wpid-wp-1417314295269.jpegWell our plans changed somewhat since the last time we posted. Instead of heading for Mexico we have been traveling around Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas by car. The reason is that we were invited to spend Thanksgiving with Elise, Chris and family which was an offer we couldn’t turn down but with a week left to go before Thanksgiving took place we had to think of something to do. Elise loaned us her car and we drove back to Arizona visiting Sedona, Phoenix, Tucson, and then White Sands National Park in New Mexico before returning to Albuquerque. We chose to take the car rather than the bike because we could cover more ground comfortably and wouldn’t have to take weather into account.

Our first stop as mentioned was Sedona. It’s a very picturesque valley with red earth coloured stack style rock formations and it’s a hot spot for the esoteric crowd. There are supposed to be four energy vortexes in the region which are marked on maps and easily accessible by short hikes. We hiked through one when we walked up Bell Rock, you’re supposed to feel energised when near the vortex but to be honest neither of us had any special feeling. Every now and then along the trail we passed a person in some sort of vortex coma with outstretched arms facing a bush with closed eyes and a huge grin on their face but other than that it was just full of normal people out for a hike.

After Sedona we spent the night in Phoenix and the next day visited the Scottsdale area of town before heading off to Tucson further south. This was when we began to see the Seguaro cactus for the first time. I had imaged that this Wild West iconic symbol was rare for some reason but it is definitely not. They cover the landscape like trees some reaching a height 10 metres, it’s an impressive sight. Once again we stayed at a motel for around 40 dollars and the next day we drove to the Desert Museum just west of Tucson. Of all the attractions we have visited so far this would be one of the top 5 I’d recommend to others to visit, especially good for children. It is mostly set outdoors with a couple of indoor exhibits and basically lets you get up close to all of the various kinds of wildlife and plant life found in the Sonora Desert. See the pictures below.

As we left Tucson we took a detour around Davis-Monthan Airforce Base otherwise known as the Boneyard. It’s where the Airforce stores old and unused aircraft, although we couldn’t drive onto it seeing the aircraft parked nose to tail from the perimeter fence was good enough to appreciate the sheer size of the place and the second thought I had was what a waste of resources it seemed to me seeing all these aircraft sitting idle just rotting away.


White Sands National Park

On the way back to Albuquerque we stopped at White Sands National Park, the sand is white because it’s powdered gypsum. The drive into the park is a big loop and only takes about 40 minutes to complete but there are plenty of places to stop along the way so we ended up staying around 2 hours. At first it was disorientating to drive on the compacted white sand, it’s so white it looks exactly like snow and every time you turn a corner your brain is automatically expecting the car to slide or have bad traction but there is actually plenty of grip. The White Sands park is just south of where the first nuclear detonation was around 60 years ago. It’s called the trinity site and is open to the public to visit once a year in April.

The whole area of southern New Mexico seems to be a little sensitive because on our way back we had to stop at two homeland security checkpoints for random checks. It could also be something to do with being close to the Mexican border and they were searching for illegal immigrants however after a couple of questions we were on our way.

Back in Albuquerque we eagerly awaited our first Thanksgiving. Everyone had to bring something so Franziska and I made a Baileys cheesecake it was easy enough to make but I put in a little too much Baileys. Actually about four times more than the recipe recommended. Luckily there were no complaints the next day at the table although the first bite usually saw the person wince slightly at the amount alcohol inside, somehow all plates were still returned empty.

Elise is a great cook and pulled off a great show managing to feed 12 adults at one table and 5 children who sat at a separate table in the kitchen. We began eating at around 3pm and didn’t leave the table until around 8pm. It was like an endless Christmas dinner more food just kept appearing at the table. Fantastic.

When Thanksgiving was over we decided to go to Dallas Texas for a couple of days to visit Andrew an old school friend of mine who moved there about seven years ago. On the way we stopped at Roswell New Mexico as it is famous for the UFO crash in 1947 but we were disappointed, it’s quite run down and rough. There is a UFO museum which we went to check out but once inside the front door you could see that it was just a collection of paper mache UFOs, aliens, and newspaper articles. Not worth the 13 dollars entrance fee in our opinion so we went and had a nice lunch instead. During our stay I also found out that the alleged UFO crash didn’t even happen at Roswell it happened at Corona which is about 120 miles away! Only the clean-up was coordinated from Roswell.

Dallas was interesting to visit, oddly enough the two days we spend there were two of the coldest days we’ve experienced since we started but it didn’t stop us getting out and having a look around. For a laugh we visited South Fork Ranch which is the house in the intro to the TV show Dallas. It is much smaller in real life than it appears on TV and much closer to the road. Apparently they used trick photography when filming the aerial intro shot to make the driveway appear longer. We also visited Dealey Plaza where JFK was shot. There is an X drawn on the road at the point where he was hit, it’s an odd feeling to stand and look up at the 6th floor window where the shooter reportedly was.

Coincidently the second day that we spent in Dallas was Andrew’s birthday so we took it easy and spent the day putting up the Christmas lights on his house much to his two young daughter’s delight and later that evening we all went out to dinner. Texas was one of those places like Saskatchewan where people we met in other states before it always said “hey why are you going there it’s just boring and flat” and in Texas’s case especially “they think they’re better than the rest of the States”. Generic stereotypes. However just like always we found the stereotypes to be wrong, Texans are just warm and friendly people who like to eat a lot of BBQ. Someday I’d like to visit it again to explore some more.

At the moment we’re back in Albuquerque and planning to leave tomorrow (on the bike this time). We estimate that we’ll cross into Mexico on Monday or Tuesday, three or four days from now and head down the Pacific coast. I personally feel that the adventure really begins now, Canada and the US have been great but the culture here isn’t that different from home. Neither of us can speak Spanish either so we’re looking forward to diving in the deep end.


3 thoughts on “Prius Ventura

  1. Did you eat the 2kg steak? Nice to see you still both smiling on your long trip. We just got back from Puerto Morelos Mexico (just south of Cancun) on a 1 wk stay. Had a great time but beware of Bus Tours sold on the street. Make sure you get all the details in writing. Anyway, Mexico is great! Most people are too, just a few scammers. I’ve learned a lot about N.America just from your Blog. Gladys is making homemade Ice cream and a chocolate cake for Dinner club tonight. You’ll be part of our conversation tonight I am sure.
    Safe Travels from Zubots at Lumsden Saskatchewan

    • Hi Ivan. No neither of us went for the 2kg steak, I think I forgot to mention you have to eat the side dishes too in an hour! Had the brisket instead, Texas smoked brisket is great. Chocolate cake and ice cream sounds great. You should head down to Regina and see if you can spot any travellers in need of a feed and invite them back I’m sure they’d appreciate it:-) By the way we bought a Spot it’s on special again 50% off mail in rebate. I’ll send you the link when it’s set up.

  2. Ahh i remember going to the 6th floor building where JFK was shot as a kid! Did you go inside the museum? Its just full of boxes (it was some kind of warehouse or storage i think) with a few photos from when he was shot, but it was a pretty cool day out and it was actually interesting for kids to learn a bit of history – the conspiracy theories as well! Did you go to a rodeo? We went a few times as a kid but i didn’t like the cruelty to the bulls 😦 One thing i remember also is a steak house which cut off your tie if men went in wearing one (some kind of random no tie rule) and they would put it up on the wall. Or maybe they cut it off if you didn’t finish your steak, i can’t remember now. And i remember between Dallas and Amarillo once on a car trip we found lots of old restaurants by the highway which had sawdust on the ground, or just peanut shells, and once in a while they would clean it up. You can drop anything on the ground and all is good! Anyways I’m glad you guys enjoyed Dallas! 🙂

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